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Our Approach to Innovative Thinking

We believe everyone can be systematically more innovative. The key is to learn and apply innovative thinking.

Innovative thinking is a rigorous process that anyone can learn and apply. Even if individual preferences make individuals more comfortable with various parts of the process, everyone can contribute.

The Ideaction Innovative Thinking Methodology

All Ideaction services and products are based on the Ideaction™ 4-step thinking methodology. It has been proven for over 25 years and effectively used to address problems small enough to be solved in an hour, as well as major issues such as the strategic directions for some of Canada's largest companies.

The steps are:

Step 1 - Framework

    • What problem or opportunity do you want to work on?
    • What does each word in the problem statement mean?
    • What is the context?
    • What are the boundaries?
    • What type of thinking do you want (incremental or revolutionary, short or long term, etc.)?
    • What are your ideal and your worst possible outcomes?
    • What process will you use to resolve the issue?
    • Who is the “owner” of the issue?

Step 2 - Issue Redefinition

    • What are all the components of the issue, all the different ways to attack the issue?
    • How does the issue look from various, non-linear points of view?
    • What problem or problems do you want to resolve?

Step 3 - Idea Generation

    • What are the best creativity techniques to resolve the issue?
    • What are all the possible solutions?
    • Which are the best solutions to resolve the real issue?

Step 4 - Implementation Planning

    • What is the best way to implement the idea(s)?
    • What could go wrong during the implementation?
    • What can we do about it?