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Director of Innovation

You have been appointed Director of Innovation in your organization. Now what?

In this program, innovation leaders and managers will acquire the knowledge and skills to start their work effectively. They will also learn the possible pitfalls and how to avoid them.

This is a must course for people who are suddenly thrown into the innovation world and need to quickly acquire the skills that will make them successful.

This course is based on the experience and expertise of Claude Legrand who has helped organizations implement innovation for over 20 years. It also fully leverage the successful implementation of innovation at Staples Canada and make use of all the resources Staples put in place to become successful at innovation.

Note: This program does not apply to Science and Technology R&D departments.

Who does it apply to?

  • Anyone who is in the position of Director of Innovation or is moving into a similar job.

Key benefits for the managers:

  • Conduct and review an Innovation Audit to assess the innovation readiness of their organization.
  • Gives them a thorough understanding of what enables and what prevents innovation in organizations.
  • Gives them clear strategies to work effectively with their leadership team.
  • Gives them an action plan to improve innovation in their organization, including the tools necessary to evaluate their efforts.
  • Enables them to take ownership and coach innovative behavior in others.
  • Gives them practical tools for improving their own management style.
  • Gives them the knowledge and the skills to help teams implement innovation.


  • 5 days


  • Action learning, working on their own organization to conduct the innovation readiness audit and develop a draft plan.
  • Using (and learning) the Innovative Thinking process as they develop their innovation plan.