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Facilitating Innovation

The Innovation Facilitator program can be taken after the basic innovative thinking course. It enables the participants to become "innovation consultants," capable of taking an issue (whether they own it or not), developing an action plan to resolve it and implementing the plan, including the facilitation of any meeting as required. In addition to refining their knowledge of the Ideaction process, it enables the participants to develop facilitator skills they can use in any situation.

Who does it apply to?

  • Participants in the innovative thinking program who want to take on more active responsibility for developing innovative solutions in their organization.
  • Facilitators who want to use the Ideaction methodology as a basis for improving their effectiveness.

Key benefits for the facilitators:

  • Can significantly improve the effectiveness and innovation of new and existing teams.
  • Can become champions for the innovation efforts in the organization.
  • Can customize the Ideaction methodology to any type of problem or opportunity.
  • Understand how innovation happens in teams and what prevents it.
  • Understand how individuals and teams think and what different thinking models they can use in different situations.
  • Understand which innovative thinking tool works best in various situations.


  • 2 days (after the Practical Innovative Thinking program)


  • Action learning, understanding innovative thinking and how to apply it.
  • Practice consulting on actual issues brought by other participants.
  • Practice team facilitation