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Leading Innovation for Executives

Our research demonstrates the two biggest issues for leaders when implementing innovation are that they don’t understand the process of innovation and don’t know how to role-model the right behaviours.

In this program, leaders learn how innovation really happens, what stops it, what their role is and the practical things they can do.

Who does it apply to?

  • Leaders of organizations that recognize that they need more and better innovation.

Key benefits for the leaders:

  • Understand the different theories of innovation.
  • Understand their critical role in selecting and implementing the innovation in their organization.
  • Thorough understanding of what enables and what prevents innovation in organizations.
  • Enables them to take ownership and coach innovative behaviour in others.
  • Gives them practical tools for improving their own leadership style.
  • Allows them to start modeling new innovative behaviours.


  • 1 day


  • Action learning, working on their own leadership style and their own organization.
  • Using (and learning) the basics of the Innovative Thinking process.
  • Can include a pre-questionnaire to evaluate the current issues preventing innovation in their organization.