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Managing Innovation

Your leaders and managers must commit to innovation, understand clearly what is asked of them, and have the tools to integrate innovation into everything they do - from planning to performance evaluation. In this program, leaders and managers work on creating the innovation plan for their own team, defining the best type and level of innovation for their area and using the Ideaction process as a tool to develop innovative solutions. We also include practical tools they can use to sustain innovation.

Who does it apply to?

  • Anyone who need to develop innovation in their own team, from senior leaders to managers.

Key benefits for the managers:

  • Gives managers an action plan to improve innovation in their team.
  • Gives them a thorough understanding of what enables and what prevents innovation in organizations.
  • Enables them to take ownership and coach innovative behavior in others.
  • Gives them practical tools for improving their own management styles.
  • Allows them to start modeling new innovative behaviors in their area of responsibility.
  • Makes change more "friendly."


  • 2 or 3 days


  • Action learning, working on their own organization to develop a draft plan.
  • Using (and learning) the Innovative Thinking process as they develop their innovation plan.
  • Can include a pre-questionnaire to evaluate the current issues preventing innovation in their organization.