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Consulting for Growth

In the knowledge economy, innovation is the most important driver of growth. Ideaction helps organizations grow by building the internal competencies and capabilities that enable innovation.

The key to understanding the role of innovation in growth is to ask why most organizations rarely achieve the real goals they set.

A few years ago we uncovered one of the main reasons:

  • Year after year the organizations solved the complicated problems they faced.
  • During the same time, they fell short in solving the complex problems.

Complicated problems are usually predictable and measurable, often involving doing more of the same. A good example is the car manufacturing process, once it is set up, if a problem occurs the solution is usually to go back to a past and proven solution.

Complex problems are different as they include uncertainties and ambiguities that can’t be eliminated. Innovative thinking is the most effective way to solve complex problems. In personal life an excellent example of a complex problem is raising children… they don’t come with a manual and when we think we “get it”, they change. The same thing happens with a second child when much of our experience is not directly applicable because the second child is simply not the same as the first.

In the knowledge economy, businesses are constantly faced with complex problems. Good examples of complex problems are cross-functional teamwork or shifting young customer buying patterns. Complex problems include so many ambiguities and unspoken elements that they are rarely solved. At best, some of the symptoms are addressed.

Ideaction helps organizations grow by becoming systematically and sustainably more innovative, solving complicated AND complex problems at all levels of the organization. Our role is to make innovation in your organization self-sustaining so that it happens everywhere and all the time.

In order for organizations to innovate systematically, we focus on the key factors that influence innovation. These are the areas we consult in:

  • Leadership
  • Culture
  • Organization practices
  • Leader and manager skills to manage innovating teams
  • Employee innovative thinking skills