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Learning Programs

We offer a full range of learning programs to help organizations improve innovation. The programs can be our standard package or they can be customized to the specific needs of each group in your organization.

Programs can be delivered by our teaching staff who have both training and practical business experience. We can also train your own trainers or consultants for in-house delivery.

Here are some examples of the programs  we offer:

Leading Innovation for Executives (1 or 2 day program)
What leaders must understand to lead and manage an innovative organization.

Director of Innovation (5 day program)
All the knowledge and skills Directors of Innovation need to be successful.

Practical Innovative Thinking (2 day program)
Innovative thinking skills and basic team innovation skills combined.

Innovation Teamwork (3 day program)
All the innovative thinking and team skills a new team needs to be highly performing.

Managing Innovating Organizations for Managers (3 day program)
What managers must understand to manage an innovative team or department.

Facilitating Innovation (3 day program)
How to facilitate innovative thinking and manage innovation teams.

Innovation Fundamentals (2 hours to 1/2 day program)
To demystify innovation and ensure everyone in the organization understands the goals and logic of innovation.

Custom Programs (from half a day to 5 days)
Programs can be customized based on the current level of skills and the issues facing the organization.